Friday, February 29, 2008

Pigeon Genius: Brilliant Beasts - National Geographic Channel

Brilliant Beasts: Pigeon Genius

Sunday, March 16th - 9 pm
Also showing on the following dates:

17 March, 1.00am
19 March, 8.00pm
20 March, 7.00am
23 March, 3.00pm
26 March, 11.00am

Check here to find it in your area.

Brilliant Beasts will scientifically investigate some of our best-known creatures. We put them under the microscope and test their abilities to the limits. These are creatures we think we know and we come into contact with them frequently, often in bizarre ways. We take these human interaction stories and bust apart how they happened. We deconstruct the abilities of the animals and find out what it was they were trying to do when they met with us instead.


Anonymous said...

It's about time. I'm looking forward seeing this. I wouldn't have known otherwise.

Birds are very intelligent!

Anonymous said...

Too right!

pesto said...

viva la pigeon,love the dove