Thursday, June 11, 2009

State Bird of New York -- the Manhattan Pigeon?

Copied from the Random Objects blog; you're gonna live this one!

"Pigeons Love NY" is one of our newest designs, but I wanted to shed some light on the inspiration for this design.

Recently NY councilman Simcha Felder has proposed that the city impose a $1,000 fine for anyone caught feeding pigeons.... come on? He figures that this will control the population of pigeons in New York? If I were to list the top 5 things that people identify with New York -- our dirty feathery friends would have to be on that list!

Here's my list:
1. Times Square
2. horrendous traffic
3. street meat and pretzels
4. skyscrapers and...
5. PIGEONS !!!

Did you know that our state bird is the Eastern Bluebird... WHAT? I have never seen an eastern bluebird walking around on the sidewalks of New York, but I've seen plenty of pigeons! These foul birds have been a fixture here in NY for over a century. Our new state bird should be the Manhattan Pigeon! Send a letter to City Hall demanding to make the pigeon our new state bird.

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