Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Letters to Mayor Bloomberg...National Pigeon Day in New York

The following are emails send to Mayor Bloomberg, copied to the New York Bird Club. Please keep the letters coming.

Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

I would like you to be aware that NY pigeons have friends and admirers as far away as Calgary, AB, Canada.

I encourage you to make June 13th officially National Pigeon Day. As one of the world's great cities, your actions ring loud and clear across the world, and the message you send will be one of respect and consideration for another species of earthlings.

I look forward to hearing of your proclamation.

Jonathan Martin
Calgary, Canada

Dear Mayor Bloomberg:

I and my family are requesting that you officially designate to make it official and declare June 13th as National Pigeon Day in New York City.

It will be a fitting and deserving tribute to this bird of service during World War 1Thank you for this appropriate designation.

Diane M. Kastel

Dear Mayor Bloomberg:

Please declare June 13th as National Pigeon Day in New York City. We know you love the pigeons as much as we do. Thank you for your time and attention to this most important matter.

Patricia M. Nelson

Dear Mayor Bloomberg:

As you know, Saturday, June 13th has been unoficially declared National Pigeon Day by the New York Bird Club.

June 13th is the day that Cher Ami, meaning "Dear Friend" in French departed the Earth. Pigeons have a noble history. As you will recall, Cher Ami served several months on the front lines during the Fall of 1918. He flew 12 important missions to deliver messages. Perhaps the most important was the message he carried on October 4, 1918. (reference:

Inasmuch as you have been paying tribute to this noble bird I ask that you now officially declare June 13th as National Pigeon Day in New York City. To impress you further on the attributes of this heroic creature, I cite the following: Cher Ami, a heroic pigeon who, against all odds, helped rescue a lost battalion of soldiers and left an unforgettable mark on American history. And in fact, Cher Ami was one of six hundred carrier pigeons used by the American Army during World War I. Pigeons are attractive, quiet, unobtrusive, have a calming, gentle voice, and are loyal, hardworking and devoted birds. And certainly worthy of our respect and admiration. They also serve the community well by cleaning our garbage away.

Homing pigeons are released at funerals, weddings and other significant ceremonies. Pigeons symbolize love, wonder and hope and the difficulties of life's journey. And you yourself have already paid tribute to pigeons by calling them "the often-overlooked winged heroes of conflicts past."

Therefore, please set this day aside for the pigeons once and for all. Thank you.

Richard W. Firth
Mechanicsville, Va. 23116

Hello Mayor Bloomberg,

My name is Anna Dove, and I am the founder of the New York Bird Club.

We have commemorated a day of recognition for the rock pigeon who, as you are aware, served mankind in times of unrest by delivering vital messages that saved many human lives in World War 1 and World War 11. Today many people still use them as messengers.

Pigeons are loyal and faithful birds deserving of respect. We feel they are remarkable birds that deserve a day of acknowledgement and recognition, and it is important that the legacy of the homing pigeons heroic war efforts be preserved and remembered.

With this in mind, the New York Bird Club has founded National Pigeon Day on June 13th. This is the day that Cher Ami passed away. Cher Ami was one of hundreds of homing pigeons used by American forces in France during World War I. And what better venue to hold National Pigeon Day than on Pilgrim Hill in New York's own beautiful Central Park.

The New York Bird Club would be delighted and honored if you would visit us on National Pigeon Day and say a few words on behalf of these loyal birds who served mankind so faithfully, and/or officially declare June 13th as National Pigeon Day in New York.

Please visit the National Pigeon Day blog @ which is regularly updated.

Anna Dove
New York Bird Club

Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

I was very pleased to learn that you have paid tribute to the pigeon war heros of the past. I have my father's diary from WW1 in which he mentions seeing soldiers in the trenches with cages filled with pigeons who valiantly risked their lives, often dying alone on the battlefield. They could easily have escaped the horrors of that most terrible of wars, but there is no record of it ever happening.

I hope that you will declare June 13th as National Pigeon Day in New York City, in appreciation of their many services throughout the ages to mankind.


Marie L.
Queens, NY 11372

Thanks for PIGEON DAY!!!

Dear Mayor,

Thank you for such a decent, nice, lovable gesture toward the New York pigeons. I used to feed them for a long time when I was living in Queens and working in Manhattan and I sincerely wish more New Yorkers would take a couple of minutes of their very busy schedules to watch, admire and feed those adorable birds.

Yours truly,
Elsa Rosa Latheef
New Jersey Resident

Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

Please make June 13, 2009 National Pigeon Day, to honor the hundreds of pigeons that played an important part in our history during World War I.

Alvin Wong
Pearl City, Hawaii

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Anonymous said...

I mailed you a copy of the email I sent to Mayor Bloomberg encouraging National Pigeon Day - you are welcome to publish it, but I do not want my surname or address to appear on the Internet.